Teach Your Company Salesforce

Teach Your Company Salesforce


Teach Your Company Salesforce

February 16, 2016 Kevin Burns

Maximise the effectiveness of your sales team, and improve the communication between clients and partners by taking advantage of Cornerstone for Salesforce. Our Salesforce LMS makes training for your sales team more efficient by delivering specific Salesforce lessons to sales members based on their performance. We also provide a collaborative community for sales teams, clients and partners to make communication and progress reports extremely easy. With 24/7 support and mobile capabilities using Salesforce and learning how to use it has never been easier.

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Get the most out of Salesforce by ensuring sales teams, customers and partners are utilising every viable tool. Cornerstone for Salesforce provides quick surveys to determine what lessons were most helpful to users, and data on what lessons are contributing to increased sales. This kind of feedback helps   


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