Carilion Clinic
“It is enormously powerful to be able to leverage what the Cornerstone system can do.”

Why Cornerstone

Carilion was drawn to Cornerstone’s cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) model because of its end-user experience, straightforward interface, and ease of navigation. The team was also impressed by Cornerstone’s holistic approach and seamless platform integration.

From an administrative standpoint, James was impressed not only by Cornerstone’s extraordinary client service but also by the integration team’s willingness to come on-site and help Carilion’s employees understand system capabilities and how they aligned to Carilion’s own needs. In December 2007, Carilion invested in Cornerstone’s Performance and Learning Clouds. Integration was swift, and Carilion’s new LMS went live two months later.

The Results

The transformation created by Cornerstone’s dynamic Learning Cloud was immediate in its effects on employee development. Managers embraced the opportunity to easily identify gaps in their staff’s education and address shortcomings by assigning training. Meanwhile, Cornerstone’s Performance Cloud enabled Carilion to consolidate its review process and transition to a system of common review dates. The results were well received by executives, and the organization experienced a significant increase in completed reviews.

Observation Checklists

With a streamlined performance process in place, Carilion was able to envision the ability to observe and measure competencies and performance in real time on the job. The need to observe clinical skills while nurses provide care or to ensure compliance with safety procedures as employees perform medical tasks was real. Carilion approached Cornerstone about the possibility of the additional functionality and Cornerstone listened. Together, the two organizations developed Observation Checklists, a solution that is now leveraged by a number of Cornerstone clients across several industries to validate their employees’ ability to perform requisite skills on the job.

Additional Benefits Realized Include:

  • Cost Savings – No longer does Carilion have to rely on a scanning service to image and store paper documents for regulatory requirements. Now such information can be retrieved electronically through Cornerstone, saving time and money.
  • Improved Compliance – “Being able to produce compliance documentation in a timely fashion is just enormous,” says James.
  • Talent Enablement – “A lot of people are very impressed after coming to Carilion from other healthcare organizations and seeing what we do to make sure our employees are prepared to provide healthcare competently and correctly,” says James.

Future Plans

Carilion now has learning, competency validation, and performance management available through Cornerstone with additional plans to add certifications, succession planning, and cascading goals. The organization is also considering future succession and compensation launches along with the Extended Enterprise Cloud as it seeks to educate visiting physicians, residents, and medical school students.





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