Cornerstone HR

Harness your employee data to drive business performance

Quickly and cost-effectively centralize your employee data, improve workforce reporting, and engage employees. Spur productivity with a personalized, modern user experience and self-service capabilities.

Employee data, all in one place

By unifying employee data in one system, organizations gain improved visibility with access to the right information to make smarter people decisions. With Cornerstone HR, you can consolidate data from local payroll, time and attendance, legacy systems, and more.

Gain new, modern functionality

With aging legacy HRIS solutions, many organizations are sorely missing modern functionality such as HR events and notifications, an intuitive user experience and employee and manager self-service. Cornerstone HR allows you to extend the useful life of your existing systems without the cost, or risk, of a highly disruptive rip & replace HRIS overhaul.

Avoid costly new software

Other organizations don’t need or cannot afford an enterprise-class HRIS, but want to create employee IDs and capture employee data in a centralized system. With Cornerstone HR, organizations can move beyond Excel for people management, create insightful reports on their combined employee and talent data, and easily manage and audit employee record changes.
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