Onboarding Software - Steigerung der Produktivität | Cornerstone

Lay the groundwork for success

Organizations need a holistic approach to welcome new hires and set the stage for productivity. Cornerstone Onboarding is designed to help employees get ramped up quickly, and ensure employees feel welcome.

Achieve faster productivity

Enable your new hires to jump right in using targeted training and goals. Equip your employees with the right resources so you can set them up to contribute faster and more effectively.

Better retention

Employees will know how much they are valued with a personalized, consistent experience, ultimately resulting in a workforce who wants to stay

Engage your employees

Immerse employees in your organization’s culture even before they start on the job and help lower their first day stress

Manage the employee lifecycle

From hire-to-retire, Cornerstone can seamlessly handle the employee lifecycle for every employee. Cornerstone Onboarding uses the Cornerstone platform to connect to critical talent management solutions such as performance, learning, and compensation.
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