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Cornerstone wurde 1999 in einem Bowlingcenter auf Basis einer brillanten Idee gegründet.

Color flags on a line

the idea

Nov 8 1999

Company Kick-off Meeting

We planned to kick-off operations at a ranch, but it started raining (a rare occurance in LA). The meeting was moved to a bowling alley, followed by dinner at El Cholo, a local Mexican restaurant.

Adam Miller

Mastermind, CEO

Perry Wallack

Money man, CFO

Steven Seymour

Entertainer, SVP Sales
Adam Miller, Perry Wallack after flying into LAEl Cholo
Bowling PinBowling PinBowling Ball

walked away from stability to follow the dream

Man with spyglass standing on pile of books

Opportunity at AOL

Walked away from a then-coveted opportunity to become the premier sponsor of AOL’s Research and Learning Center. The internet bubble burst a month later.

AOL logo
Dollar signs with wingsDollar signs with wingsDollar signs with wingsDollar signs with wings

started getting attention


Built a Pipeline of Prospective Clients

Our online learning software was first ‘to the cloud.’ We built a pipeline primarily of Northeast financial services firms.

Statue of LibertyStatue of Liberty

closing deals

Smith Barney logoAON logoWashington Mutual logo

Hired Help and Closed Deals

September 11th happened and instead of a hiring freeze, on September 15th we went on a hiring streak. We closed some big named clients, all from large enterprises.

Stacks of money

continued closing deals and servicing clients

Adam Miller in 2002 giving a presentation
Kirsten Helvey in 2002

Closed Even More Deals

We then had to figure out how to service all of these closed deals, and then build a sales team to rinse and repeat.

Stacks of moneyStacks of moneyStacks of money

in the money

Bessemer logo

Raised Venture Capital

After too many no's to count, we finally raised our first institutional venture capital led by Bessemer Venture Partners.

Several piles of money

grow fast as lightning


Tripled the Size of the Company

We began international expansion in EMEA and APAC. Closed even more deals including a global reseller deal with ADP.

ADP company logo

a little fun

Steven at AC/DC concert
AC/DC shirt

AC/DC World Tour

We took time out to tour the world following AC/DC. ‘For those about to learn, we salute you!‘

graduation (aka IPO)


Completed a successful IPO led by Goldman Sachs. We were one of the top performing IPOs of the year.

NASDAQ Times Square banner
Cornerstone founders ringing the opening bell
Cornerstone founders at NASDAQ podium
Steven Seymour in a candid shot eating New York pizza

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